Demre is conducted around BC.5 century. its Other name is Myra. Has lots of antic and historical places. Demre is the Lycian town of Myra, the home of Saint Nicholas of Myra, the original Santa Claus.


The district was known as Kale until it was renamed in 2005. A substantial Christian community of Greeks lived in Demre (Myra) until the 1920s when they were forced to migrate to Greece after the Population exchange between Greece and Turkey.


The abandoned Greek villages in the region can still be seen at Demre and the regions of Kalkan, Kas and Kaya which is a Greek ghost town. A small population of Turkish farmers moved into the region when the Greek Christians migrated to Greece. 

The region is popular with tourists today particularly Christians pilgrims who visit the tomb of Saint Nicholas.


Every year miss mediterranean contest making on demre. this picture taken from summer 2011 contest.


Turkish people is very friendly on Antalya City. They always try to help tourists. You can go very different kind of yatch and jeep tours in demre. You see one of this blue tours in this picture. You can swim and dive in the sea with this tours.