Kemer is placed on the Gulf of Antalya, 53 km of sea coast. The coast has the typical Mediterranean hot, dry weather and warm sea.


Old name of Kemer district is Eski Köy (old village) until in 1916 - 1917, a 23 km (14 mi) long stone wall was built to channel the mountain stream water and protect the town from flooding, which until then had been a persistent problem. The name Kemer refers to those walls.


One of the best attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty, sea, mountains and forest. The long shore and beaches in bays of various sizes, mostly stoney rather than sand. Kemer has a large hotel bed capacity of the Antalya region, and is a comfortable and peaceful holiday coast with internationally accepted reputation, attracting large numbers of visitors from countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Russia. Many of the visitors come as part of low-cost all-inclusive package deals but tourism is still the mainstay of the local economy.