Alanya is a part of Antalya. This district has lots of activities. Alanya is a beach resort city and a district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region, 166 kilometres (103 mi) from the city of Antalya.On the south coast of Turkey.

Alanya has  natural strategic position on a small peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea. In history many stronghold was conducted on this place. Some historical thrones settled here as  Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires.

Alanya full of old traditions, The place Kale Ici, are not only lovely, typical houses, but the tradition is still alive. Walk through the narrow streets and see the people who work on their craft. Enjoy the beautiful gardens and try to avoid clothes that between the houses hanging to dry. Enjoy the beautiful views, Kale Ici is in fact surrounded by the sea and hills.